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This Millionaire Mentorship Program is an application based program. We do NOT accept every applicant. This program was designed for a specific tier of people. This is for professionals and entrepreneurs who see the value in being coached and mentored by seven, eight and even nine figure earners value a like-minded community and see the value in becoming the best version of themselves. 
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Jay Doran
The Culture Man - 7-Figure Culture Consultant and Author
"I interviewed Dan Lier for about 90-minutes after an event he spoke at with Les Brown and I have to say - Dan has been in the personal development industry longer than I've been alive. Dan has stood on the shoulders of giants his entire career, and the amount of knowledge he brings the the table is astonishing. Peter Galletta is by far the best guy I have ever heard on the telephone. When it comes to raising capital, training sales people and closing massive deals, Peter is the most qualified person I know. When it comes to getting massive exposure and blowing up your business online, Dakota is the best in the industry with no questions asked. This mastermind should cost you $100,000 per year minimum. This is the best investment you'll make all year. "
Jesse Krim
Top Producing Sales Executive
"Having the opportunity to work with Dan Lier over the last 8 months in his Millionaire Mentorship Program has been life-changing. The coaching calls every week with world-class entrepreneurs, marketers, and financial advisors, have pushed me to bring my ideas and products to market of which I’ve seen major successes so far. Dakota Burford of Luxvoni Marketing Solutions advised me on my advertisement placements and targeting across social media and helped me find the best audience and demographic for my product. Training in Dan’s Virtual Training Academy every day has given me the sales skills and mindset I was missing to build meaningful partners and relationships, a few of which I’ve met within the program. My biggest success so far besides, launching my e-commerce product, has been the opportunity to join Dan’s team and work with Dan every day for the last 8 months. It’s been a transformational experience that’s accelerated my learning in everything sales, marketing, and peak-performance psychology!"
Renato Vanzella
Chief Technology Officer For Luxvoni Marketing Solutions
"The 1% Academy has changed my business and life for the better…forever. With excellent coaches/mentors who truly care about the people that they are working with. The vast source of knowledge and constant learning.
The coaches passion and drive are evident in all what they do. I have never been so fired up about my own career and I have to thank for that. The academy is truly priceless and I will be forever thankful for all  they did for me."
Mike Lindstrom, J.D
Author, Communication Expert & Professional Speaker
"Dan has been a longtime mentor to myself and my colleagues. As a coach, he is as straightforward as they come. As a professional speaker, he is one of the best in the business, hands-down. I have referred many of my own clients' teammates to him over the years and have heard nothing but praise for his commitment and energy towards the client. Dan is an A+ rating in my book, on all fronts"
Steve Nudelberg
Chief Relationship Officer At ESPN West Palm
"Dan has been a great partner and friend for many years. After meeting Dan in the late 90's and introducing him to my sales staff, which totaled over 75 people at the time, I have come to rely on Dan for expert advice on sales and success. His no nonsense and enthusiastic style, allows him to cut through the clutter and get to the things that really matter. He has created actionable items for my teams and has always entertained while relating to each of the audiences I have had him speak to. I am proud to have worked with Dan and would highly recommend his services to any organization or individual that is looking for a shot of high energy realism."
Sabrina Sidoti 
NFC Figure Competitor & Owner Of Saxfitness.com
"I have been apart of Dan's 1% Mastermind Academy for well over a year now. The mastermind has truly allowed me to take my little coaching business to levels I never imagined were possible. I went from barely netting  60k a year to netting $361,000 in 2018. The mentors in the academy are so passionate about helping others it's surreal. I have had phone calls with Dakota Burford at 1:00 am about my sales funnels, continuity programs, and online presents. I would recommend this mastermind to anyone's who looking to grow their business."
Lindsey-Lee Le Monds
SEMA Model & Influencer 
"Dan's Mastermind Academy has helped me fight depression, overcome my own insecurities, and leverage social media to build my personal brand. Thank you for your dedication, commitment, and passion towards helping others."
Jen Lyons - Boise Paper
Marketing Communications Manager
"Dan's teaching style and message has been well received by our national sales and leadership teams... and he gave us real tools to increase productivity."

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Erik Swanson
Founder Of Habitude Warrior Conference & Five Times Best Selling Author
"I had the opportunity of meeting Dan about 20 years ago. Dan was leading Tony Robbins' sales division and I was leading Brian Tracy's sales division. Dan was the guy everyone was secretly talking about and when I had the opportunity to meet him I seen why. Dan is truly an amazing human being with incredible knowledge and experience in sales, productivity, peak performance, and physiology. Dan will help you up-level every area in your life. He's helped me and he's helped fortune 500 companies around the world. Dan used to sell his private coaching/mastermind group to corporate america for tens of thousands of dollars per year when I found out he was launching the 1% Mastermind Academy to the consumer market I was ecstatic.  If you have not joined the academy you are seriously doing yourself a disservice."
Judi Huerta
Social Media Influencer & Model
“The 1% Mastermind Academy has truly helped me in every area of my life most importantly financially. With 80,000 Instagram Followers I have been able to monetize on those followers and create a six figure income while traveling and working part time.” 
Alessio Valentino
Executive Marketing Consultant 
“I didn’t think I would be accepted into the 1% Academy to be honest...After a couple of applications I finally got accepted and It’s been seriously life changing for me. I have been able to leave my 9-5 and focus on my consulting business full time, I’m now up to $30,000 in income per month. I owe my success to the support, tools, and resources I received In the academy."

Bob Barnhart
#1 Luxury Real Estate Broker In Las Vegas
"The 1% mastermind academy is truly priceless. I have invested 6-figures a year in private mastermind groups for over a decade. Unfortunately, I wish I would have been apart of this one since day one. There isn't another mastermind group on the planet that even comes remotely close to the 1% Mastermind Academy." 
Chuck Douglas
Success Coach For Tony Robbins'
"Dan hired me back when he was with Tony Robbins. I personally watched Dan build Tony's entire seminar division from scratch. Dan has been a mentor to me and a very close friend. When I was informed he was starting a mastermind group, I called him and told him I'd pay whatever to be apart of it. The peak performance, sales, marketing, and business training you will receive in this mastermind group   academy is worth millions. This type of hands on training and mentorship is priceless. From the marketing experts to the sales experts and everything in between, I'm truly happy I could be apart of it. "
Daniel Gilchrist Carruthers
Doctor & Founder A TRT Clinic
"Wow, where do I start. Well, 2018 was by far my clinics best year ever. We took over a market we had never attempted to serve before, went from 20 patients a month to over 50 patients per month, hired more staff and moved into a new office. I couldn't have done any of it without the support and help of the 1% Mastermind Academy. Thank you guys for all the support and I look forward to the retreat in may!"
James Mclean - Abbott
Human Resources Business Partner
"Dan’s message was perfect for our leadership team. He was engaging, entertaining and impact."
Roberto Arce - Anthem, INC
Vice President of Sales
"Dan, you're awesome. My entire sales team has been impacted by your tools for success, and team thought you were the best presenter we’ve ever had. I agree with them!"
Jackie Rardin - Oakwood Worldwide. 
Regional Manager
"Dan has made a tremendous impact on our entire international leadership team. His content is tremendous. Our entire organization in on fire!" 
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